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Bay City, Saginaw, Midland, and surrounding areas.

Welcome to Ken-Do Home Improvements

Ken-Do Home Improvements is a licensed builder in the State of Michigan. We have been serving clients for over 18 years in the Bay City, Saginaw, & Midland counties.

As a builder, it is our mission to create a masterpiece with our hands, perform quality workmanship, and develop lasting client relationships. 

Contractors prices will vary not only because regions, but also for differences in the type and quality of material, detail of the work to be completed, and a variety of other reasons. It is the goal of Ken-Do Home Improvements to price our jobs accurately and to use a product that not only is going to last, but also looks good!

We recommend that you get a few estimates, if you have not worked with a contractor before. Although, this is "competition" to us, we know the importance for you to the get the best value, quality of workmanship, and peace of mind. If you get a better price, let us know. If we can reasonably adjust our price (matching product/product), we will work with you.

Ask the contractor questions. You become the "employer" when hiring a contractor. Interviewing for the job, you should be informed about them.

1) Are you licensed?
2) Are you insured? Who is your insurance company?
3) Do you have worker's compensation for your employees?
4) Have you ever had any claims against you through the state or insurance?
5) Can you provide me with references? And addresses to drive by exterior remodeling?
6) How long have you been in business?
7) Do you have a contract?
8) Where do you buy the supplies (especially if it is special ordered items)
9) What type of warranty do the products you use have?
10) Although not a question, it is our suggestion, to look at the inside of their vehicle, or even the work trailer if available. If they leave their vehicle a MESS, they just may leave your home a MESS! We would not give our largest investment to a unorganized, messy person. Nor should we allow them in our home to do work.
(This may not always be the case, but is often the norm.)



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Residential Licensed & Insured in the State of Michigan



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